To be 3 and indecisive!

An interesting conversation had with Big in the car on the way back from nursery yesterday:

Big: I’m hungry!
Me: Well we’ll have a snack when we get home. Shall we have some banana and toast?
Big: Noooooo! I want REAL foooood!
Me: That is real food. How about some cheesy pasta?
Big: No. I don’t want anything! I’m not hungry!
Me: But… Ok that’s fine
*a minute late*
Big: I’m hungry Mummy! I want milk. Just milk.

Turns out he was good with banana, toast and milk. It seems decisions are tough when you’re tired after a busy day at nursery!

Hello World

Hello World!

Here goes, my first blog post. I’m not sure why I never started a blog sooner, since I’m sure most of my Facebook friends (especially the childless ones!) probably aren’t interested in the fun we’ve been having with play dough or the mini post office we set up in the playroom!

I thought I’d kick things off with some introductions:


Little old me: I’m Lauren, 25 year old soon-to-be doula, fiance to John and mummy to Theo and Felix. I love hot cups of tea, Wes Anderson films and cuddles with the boys.

The Rock: That’s John, my almost-husband. He keeps the nest together and loves cheese and all things geeky.

Big: My 3yr old biggest boy is clever and loving and oh so cheeky. He loves leading his little brother astray!

Small: My 18mth old littlest boy is sweet and brilliant and growing so fast. He loves trying to do all the awesome things big brother can do.

So there we are. Here’s hoping I can keep this up!

Bye for now x